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SBS Thermoplastic Elastomer
Mar 17, 2017

White or yellowish granule, relative density 0.92~0.95, which is a combination of rubber and plastic plastic characteristics of strength and toughness of polymer, displayed at room temperature rubber elasticity, and synthesis of plastic molding materials at high temperatures. SBS into the star structure and linear structure in two ways. Such as Y-802, Y-805 as a star-shaped structure, high strength and wear resistance; for example, Y-792 for the linear structure, can improve flexibility and elongation. SBS has excellent heat aging, ozone, UV-resistance, high flexibility and low temperature resistance, also has good elastic and electrical insulation, but less resistant to solvents. Soluble in benzene, cyclohexane, methyl ethyl ketone, dichloroethane, etc. Not soluble in water, ethanol and gasoline.

Usage and features of this product as a high density polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene shock change agent (add 5%~25% by weight, greatly increased impact strength at room temperature and low temperature impact strength and as acrylate fast-curing structural adhesive toughening agent, and used in the manufacture of hot melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesive and modified asphalt.