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Low-temperature Impact Modifier Improve Aging Discoloration
May 10, 2017

low-temperature Impact Modifier PVC plastic doors and windows due to excellent insulation, noise reduction, sealing and other characteristics, which has been widely

application. Especially in the cold regions of northern China and dust storms prone areas, more fully demonstrated the excellent

low-temperature Impact Modifier The more. But PVC plastic windows after years of use also exposed some weaknesses, such as low temperature impact resistance,

Cracking, aging discoloration and other issues.

Application of Impact Modifier at Home and Abroad

China from the 80s of last century the introduction of PVC plastic doors and windows manufacturing technology since the impact of the basic modifier

CPE-based, and China's production capacity is very strong, large output, the trend of oversupply. So domestic students

PVC production of PVC profiles of enterprises to use CPE as an impact modifier is very common. Due to the production of CPE enterprises

low-temperature Impact Modifier Market competition is more intense, resulting in individual manufacturers to win in quantity, while ignoring the quality of products, affecting some PVC plastic

The stability of product quality of window production enterprises. Such as thermal deformation temperature drop, process instability, impact

low-temperature Impact Modifier Performance due to the quality of CPE fluctuations, a direct impact on the quality of PVC plastic window. Although many professional and technical personnel in the formula design has been noted that PVC plastic window low temperature impact resistance and other issues, but always around the CPE modifier to improve the low temperature impact resistance, and thus the actual effect is not obvious. With the technological progress, the emergence of new domestic anti-impact modifier ACR, the trial more obvious to improve the PVC plastic window low temperature impact resistance and other issues. 90 years later with China's acrylic (ACR) production increased the cost of decline, so that more PVC plastic window with the use of profiles. The superiority of ACR is more and more obvious to improve the low temperature impact resistance of PVC, reduce the crack, while improving the aging discoloration and other issues the effect is very obvious. At present, foreign countries, especially in Europe, the use of impact modifier is mainly ACR, performance is better than CPE do modifier products. Therefore, the application of ACR is an important way to improve and improve the performance of PVC plastic window.

The choice of impact modifier

The choice of anti-modifier should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, and PVC resin compatibility should be moderate, if the compatibility is too large, two completely molecular-level mixing,

The impact modifier may act as a plasticizer, closely attached to the PVC molecule, leaving the impact force directly

In the P V C chain, can not improve the role of impact. On the contrary, if the compatibility of the two is too small to reach even points

Scattered, lost the adhesion of PVC, can not absorb the impact from the role.

2, the glass transition temperature is low, can increase the impact of low temperature PVC performance.

3, the molecular weight should be high, if necessary, the best mild cross-linked to enhance the enhanced effect.

4, the performance of PVC and the physical properties of no significant impact.

5, good weather resistance, from the mold expansion of small.

6, and PVC blending process is good.

7, heat resistance (resistance to deformation, heat stability) is better.

8, economy.