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Impact Resistance Modifiers Character Profile
Mar 17, 2017

According to American plastic industrial advisory company report, 2004 Global plastic anti-impact improved agent market demand for 600,000 tons (market about 1.5 billion dollars), which styrene copolymer real as ABS, and methyl acrylic methyl ester-succinic en-styrene (MBS) became impact sex improved agent maximum class, about accounted for 45% market share, acrylic class accounted for near 30%; elastic body including EPDM and thermoplastic elastic body (TPE) about accounted for 10% market share; chloride polyethylene (CPE) accounted for 10%, other accounted for 5%. It is predicted that between 2004-2009 and styrene resistant impact modifier with an average annual growth rate will be less than 3%, while other classes with an average growth of 5%-6%. Due to PVC are impact modifier with a maximum variety, accounting for about 80% of the amount, so PVC demand growth will drive increased demand for impact modifiers. Engineering plastic resins such as PC, polyamide (PA), polyester consumption impact modifiers, such as 10%, due to the strong growth in demand for plastics is, promoting the growth of impact modifier. Polyolefin resin consumption of about 10% impact resistance improver. Experts pointed out that impact future development trend of improvement is better, more economical and faster, improving the performance of the primary material or performance under thinner components. Foreign companies, such as Arkema Durastrength product can significantly improve the impact resistance of PVC, in addition, Compton, DuPont, Dow Chemical and other companies have launched their own products.