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Impact Modifier Has Good Toughness And Rigidity
May 10, 2017

Impact Modifier Compared with the general plastic, we hope that engineering plastics products can also have good toughness and rigidity. Engineering plastics are widely used in automotive, construction, office equipment, machinery, aerospace and other industries, to plastic and steel, plastic and wood has become an international trend. Engineering plastics has become the world's plastics industry in the fastest growing areas, its development not only on the national pillar industries and modern high-tech industry plays a supporting role, but also to promote the transformation of traditional industries and product structure adjustment.

We know that the general addition of elastomer can increase the toughness, adding inorganic filler can increase the rigidity. The most effective way is to combine the toughening of the elastomer and the reinforcement of the filler.

Poor impact resistance is a performance defect for some important plastics in the industry. Such as pvc, PS, PP, etc., especially at low temperatures due to the impact resistance is too low and its application is limited. So how to improve it, of course, by adding "impact modifier" to improve.

A variety of impact modifiers, commonly used ACR-acrylic resin, MBS-methyl methacrylate-butadiene-styrene copolymer, CPE-chlorinated polyethylene, abs, EVA, EPT-ternary Vinyl acetate and so on.

Improve the impact resistance; ACR is undoubtedly the best overall performance category, MBS is an important impact of transparent products modified modifier in the global impact modifier market occupies an important position.

Have an adverse effect on mechanical strength. Such as MBS added to the PVC tensile strength and bending strength decreased. ACR addition, will also make HPVC-high molecular weight PVC tensile strength, hardness and Vicat heat resistance has declined. CPE addition, but also to the blend of tensile strength, bending strength, Vicat softening point down.

When using impact modifiers, other properties must be taken into account and taken into account to determine the appropriate