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Compatibilizer Thermal Storage Stability
May 15, 2017

Polymer modified asphalt has been widely used because it can improve and improve the performance of road surface, in which SBS modified asphalt with its ability to significantly improve the high temperature resistance to rutting, low temperature anti-cracking ability and enhance anti-aging,Compatibilizer  improve fatigue and other properties become polymer The main varieties of modified asphalt. Domestic and foreign researchers have made a lot of research on the production technology, technical performance and modification mechanism of SBS modified asphalt, and made a lot of research results. On this basis, the technical requirements of SBS modified asphalt were put forward. However, Compatibilizer SBS modified asphalt is a thermodynamically unstable system formed by the high molecular weight polymer SBS modifier as a dispersed phase and physically dispersed to a continuous phase of the asphalt in a certain particle size. Due to the differences in density, polarity, solubility parameters and other physical properties of SBS modifier and asphalt, this composite system is prone to separation of SBS phase and asphalt phase, resulting in SBS accumulation in the upper part, asphalt sinking in the lower part Segregation. This instability is detrimental to the large-scale production of SBS modified asphalt, especially in storage and long-distance transport. Therefore, the thermal storage stability of SBS modified asphalt has long been a hot topic for road workers.

The results show that the proportion of chemical composition of matrix asphalt can be changed by adding compatibilizer to promote the swelling of SBS more fully, thus improving the compatibility of SBS and asphalt. However, the addition of compatibilizer will reduce the SBS modified asphalt high temperature performance and other technical performance, so the amount can not be too large. In order to solve the problem of heat storage stability of SBS modified asphalt more effectively, only the stabilizer (a relatively active external admixture) is added to promote the cross-linking of the SBS polymer molecular chain with the asphalt reactive functional group, And asphalt to form a stable colloidal system, thereby improving the thermal stability of modified asphalt. At present, there are many kinds of stabilizers on the market, and different kinds of stabilizers make different chemical reactions between SBS and asphalt, so there are different stabilizing effects on SBS modified asphalt, and also affect other technical properties of SBS modified asphalt. In this paper, the effects of compatibilizer and stabilizer on the thermal storage stability and other technical properties of modified asphalt were studied, and the technical support for the industrial production and quality control of SBS modified asphalt was studied.

Part of the trial

Raw materials

The use of matrix asphalt for the Alpha A grade 70 oil asphalt, in addition to the penetration rate is slightly lower than the specification requirements, the other performance indicators are in line with technical specifications. The YH791 and the modified SBS modifier were produced by Yueyang Petrochemical, and the appearance was white and its physical and mechanical properties were measured. In order to improve the thermal storage stability of SBS modified asphalt, an aromatic oil was used as the compatibilizer. The three kinds of stabilizers were produced by Hubei Guozhi, Zhonghang Road and COSCO International Trade respectively.

Preparation of SBS Modified

SBS modified asphalt process is generally divided into three stages, namely, swelling stage, grinding stage, development stage. After the swelling of the polymer after the dissolution of the better dispersion effect, cut the modified asphalt need to heat storage for some time to develop, the unstable modified asphalt system in the development process requires external mixing, to ensure uniformity of the mixed system The

First, the substrate asphalt heated to 175 ℃ ~ 180 ℃, and then adding modifier SBS, with high shear mixing emulsifier low shear 6min, SBS and asphalt mixed evenly, and then 4200r / min high shear 30min; Will be cut to complete the modified asphalt insulation in the 175 ℃ ~ 180 ℃ range, with a high-speed disperser to 500r / min speed after 5h made of finished modified asphalt.