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Chlorinated Polyethylene
Mar 17, 2017

This product is made of vinyl chloride and chlorine through substitution, modification of polymers. Chlorine-containing 25%~45% by weight (mass). With the molecular weight of polymers, chlorine, molecular structure and chlorination conditions of different, the product of differences in hard plastic to rubber. This product is the appearance of white particulate matter, relative density l.14~1.18, thermal decomposition temperature of wood less than 160 degrees. This product has excellent impact resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, oil resistance, chemical stability and electrical insulation. Chlorine content of more than 25% (mass fraction) of chlorinated polyethylene with self-extinguishing. Good compatibility with the PVC and inorganic fillers.

Usage and characteristics of this product is widely used as impact modifiers for PVC. Compare with MBS and ABS resin, this product is weather-resistant and strong, good compatibility with polyvinyl chloride characteristics, its impact strength decreases with increasing aging time is very slow. This product can be used for building materials, pipes and corrugated boards products for outdoor use, generally used for 5~15. This product is used in high-density polyethylene, can improve its toughness, resistance to burning and printing; EVA microporous sole, can improve the abrasion resistance and high elasticity; used in adhesives, can improve its toughness and flame retardant.