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Acrylic Impact Modifiers
Mar 17, 2017

AIM (acrylic impact modifiers) is a high quality and environmentally friendly plastics modifiers, mainly for PVC hard products, such as pipes and fittings, PVC Windows and doors, plates, containers, etc. AIM generally consists of crosslinked acrylic acid butyl ester polymer core and good compatibility with PVC shell of methacrylate polymer, composition with core/shell structure. AIM in particle form distributed in PVC in continuous matrix, by the external shocks, PVC elastic particles tiny cracks spreading ACR, its compression, shock can be absorbed, preventing the cracks continue to develop, to improve impact strength of the material. Meanwhile, AIM can also give good processing properties, weatherability of PVC products and, therefore, particularly suited to outdoor use products, is the most excellent performance PVC toughening modifier.