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Plastic compatibility
Mar 17, 2017

Compatibility is a new feature developed in recent years, plastic additives, also known as compatibilizer, coupling agent, macromolecule polymer compatibility. Compatibility to improve most when polymer blends, compatibility of bad faults, its function is to reduce the Interfacial tension, and joined the third component interface layer thickness increases and prevent dispersed cohesion, stability has been the formation of morphological structure in order to increase the compatibility of the two polymers, the bond strength increases with each other to form a stable (blended) structure. Blend, modified, alloy is the key to solving the compatibility of different polymers, and adding the right amount of compatibility with good compatibility, solved the issue.

In injection molding, extrusion, processing will produce layering, surface peeling and so on, material strength, brittle and other defects.

This compatibility will fundamentally change the above phenomena, makes a variety of plastic components in the presence of compatibility by granulation, injection molding, extrusion and other new processing technology full of plastic forming high strength plastic.

Compatibility eliminates the use of plastic separation costs and pollution caused by separation.

The compatibility easy to use reasonable, boost user efficiency, reduce material costs.