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Maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene
Jun 21, 2017

What is maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene?

Polypropylene is prepared by reactive extrusion grafting maleic anhydride. Strong polarity of the lateral base was introduced into the non-polar molecule chain, and maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene could be a bridge to enhance the bonding and compatibility of polar and non-polar materials.

The addition of maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene in the production of filled polypropylene can greatly improve the affinity of fillers and polypropylene and the dispersibility of fillers. Therefore, the dispersion of fillers in polypropylene can be enhanced effectively, and the tensile and impact strength of the filled polypropylene is improved.


Typical applications of maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene include:

Coupling agent between inorganic reinforced material (glass fiber) and filler material (calcium carbonate, talc, etc.) and polypropylene

Compatibility of polypropylene/nylon alloy

Improve the bonding properties of polypropylene with polar materials (metal, nylon, etc.).