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Compatibility functions
Mar 17, 2017

Increase the compatibility of the two polymers, making it both increase adhesion between polymer and form a stable structure, evenly dispersed and continuous phase, that is compatible. Compatibility has been able to make two different kinds of polymers, because their molecules have separate physical or chemical combination with the two polymer Group's sake.


So-called compatible agent in thermal learn essentially can understanding for interface activity agent, but in polymer alloy system in the using of compatible Agent General has high of molecular volume, in not compatible of polymer system in the added compatible agent and in must temperature Xia by mixed mixed refining Hou, compatible agent will was limited in two species polymer Zhijian of interface Shang, up to reduced interface tension, and increased interface layer thickness, and reduced dispersed particles size of role, makes system eventually formed has macro uniform micro phase separation features of thermal learn stable of phase structure.