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Applied to the plastic coupling with filler
Mar 17, 2017

Compatibility, also known as macromolecular coupling agent. Due to its polymer parts compatibility with polymers, so compatibility on the coupling efficiency between polymer and filler is excellent, talcum powder used in PE/CaCO3, PE/, PA/GF, PRT/GT coupling, such as treatment, with good results.

Used polar resin toughening

Thermoplastic Elastomer, with good flexibility, high flexibility and low temperature performance, adds a certain amount of compatibility can be used as PP, PE, PS, PA, PC and other plastics toughening agent. And compatibility is the plasticizer most critical "core", "shell". Such as EPDM grafting MAH toughening agent, can be used in temperatures of-45 c, maintain excellent physical properties and toughness properties. Normal dosage 5%-10%.

Should be used to improve the performance

Compatibility can also be used to improve the adhesion and improved antistatic plastic, printing, gloss and other surface properties.