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Application compatibility
Mar 17, 2017

(1) applied to plastic alloys. Compatibility there primarily for polymer alloy technology services. The so-called polymer alloys, which consists of two or more polymer blends with different properties and the use of appropriate technology obtained by multiphase multicomponent systems. Polymer alloys and blends, modification of the key material is compatibility. Compatibility on micro-phase structure of alloy technology plays very good adjustment and control, and blend effects to achieve high performance and functionality. Incompatible agent widely used in PP/PE, PP/PA, PA/PS, PA/ABS, and ABS/PC, and PBT/PA, PET/PA, PP/POE, PE/EPDM, and TPE/PU and other alloys.

(2) applied in polymer modification. Because compatibility is based on active radical molecules carboxyl groups mixed with non-polar and polar polymers "bridges", and its modified polymer modified polar, to match the polarity of polymer blends, reaction between produced good effect of modified blends.

(3) application in the Recycle of waste plastics. Recovery waste plastics compatibility, make this new plastic alloys or new modification of plastics, is "comprehensive utilization of the waste" good alternative, and can solve the "white pollution" problem, has great social and economic efficiency of enterprises. In abroad has has many precedent, as Netherlands national mining company production of BENNET compatible agent, is for recycling waste plastic regeneration of dedicated compatible agent, can put two species or variety different varieties, and different nature of old plastic, as poly olefin plastic and engineering plastics of scrap of total mixed regeneration, added 5%-10% compatible agent as sea phase or island phase Zhijian of interface layer, play compatible agent of key Heli Polar compatible group efficiency, and preparation became a new of plastic alloy or modified sex plastic.